Udee Tech-friendly Backpack with Smart Style

udee backpack

Udee Kickstarter Backpack “19 Features”, according to one of Owen, one of the founders. One of the goals is to make the life of the technology easier to move the device: the charge of the backpack. Car battery, backpack also illuminates night safety, with LED strip in front of the tape.

udee backpack

The company says it’s “perfect for frequent travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and working remotely.” I fit all three categories, so I thought I’d try it.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my laptop-dragging look from the black Oakley backpack for some time, but reluctant to go to the ubiquitous leather messenger bag. Messenger bagsĀ are just not as back-friendly over long periods of time. And most aren’t optimized for my smartphone-carrying, laptop-packing, passport-stowing, and multi-corded mobile lifestyle.

It looks good, has more pockets than I can easily count — including insulated pockets that will keep food cold or warm — and offers charging on the go without the bother of taking your portable battery along.