These Versatile Gray Bags review

Neutral and flexible are the words best to describe the color gray. It blends easily to anything it pairs together –it’s also the color choice if you are in for minimal fashion or if you are not one to mix and match wardrobe colors.
Gray can seem to be a bland color choice, but if you neutral shade opportunity especially with this grey tote lineup in Kipling, a brand known for its style and performance. Take a look at the pieces we found in their Most Recent concept store at SM Aura:

Kipling handbag
  1. Purse
    If you’re trying to find a handy carrier that will hold your important possessions such as money, IDs and chapsticks, make certain it’s not a pop of color nor would you want it to be attention-grabbing–especially not in that town. This gray purse tote from Kipling includes theat lowkey casual yet dependable factor we’re speaking about.
  2. Handbag
    Little handbags are great practice bits to bringing just what is important. The art of letting go of your bag’s contents could be difficult but your shoulders will thank you for this. This Kipling handbag also creates a good office-to-party staple.
  3. Shoulder Crossbody Bag
    A shoulder is the bag if you feel as if backpacks are too old school. Crossbody bags are also for the on-the-go using its pockets for your possessions. If you are always on a hurry, keep this somewhere it is easy to spot.
  4. Mickey Mouse Collection
    Bags are always a statement. And there’s no greater way to subtly showcase your mature in-denial appearance with Kipling’s Mickey Mouse collection. Its design tells us this well-loved character comes with an aesthetic that goes beyond childhood.
  5. Blank Canvas Duffle Bags
    There’s no explanation to be uncool even when you’re carrying a great deal of stuff. This Blank Canvas bag with 3D shapes and geometric patterns by Kris Abrigo, a regional visual artist and muralist, creates your bulky baggage look like art.
  6. Tote Backpack、
    The neutralness of grey alongside a bold tiger stripe strikes a balance in this Blank Canvas bag backpack.
  7. Blank Canvas Collection
    Kipling’s Blank Canvas collection provides customers the experience to let their personality shine with a blank canvas tote. The blank canvas concept mimics an actual canvas with space for customizing this tote –if you’d paint, doodle, or attach patches to itlet your personality shine through the grey. But hey, it’s also a good enough bag as it is.
    Along with the launch of the Blank Canvas, Kipling Philippines opened its newest contemporary store in the SM Aura Premier. Kipling SM Aura is your first of several branches in Kipling PH to have a contemporary transformation.
    The highlight of the store, aside from the gender-neutral luggage, is that the mural by doodle artist Lei Melendres found in the center of the shop the mural illustrates every day of a person residing in a jungle of a town that’s Bonifacio Global City.