The Kensington SecureTrek Backpack Review

The Kensington SecureTrek Backpack

As a business traveler, one of the first things I reach for when I go on a business trip is my backpack. I load it up with my computer, my iPad, my chargers, documents, a bit of food, and anything else I need for a trip. Therefore, I’m always looking for new backpacks to try out on business trips. I’ve always looked for backpacks with plenty of compartments and storage areas, but I’ve also started to consider security while traveling.

Business travelers that want some extra security speaking of traveling may want to consider the Kensington SecureTrek backpack. This professional-looking black backpack is designed for business travelers or travelers that want to be able to lock their backpack, as well as secure it while traveling. The Kensington SecureTrek backpack allows business travelers to secure the backpack itself to an object such as a table, as well as locking the backpack compartments themselves. The backpack itself is nicely designed and slim.

The Kensington SecureTrek Backpack

The Kensington SecureTrek backpack features a Lock Base that allows business travelers to click the zipper pulls into the secure lock area, so the zippers can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, Kensington sells a separate Laptop Lock that can be used to secure the backpack to a fixed object such as a table, chair or post.

The backpack is designed with special, anti-puncture zippers that help resist someone using a screwdriver or other sharp object to rip open the zippers. There’s also a Loop Lock on the bag that allows travelers to secure a TSA-approved travel lock if they want to check the bag during a flight.

The inside of the backpack is perfect for your business laptop and has a nicely-padded compartment that can hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop and a tablet.

One feature that this bag has that’s important to me is the wheeled luggage pass-thru straps, which allow you to secure the backpack to the handles of a suitcase or other piece of wheeled luggage. There’s nothing more aggravating then having to carry a backpack through endless airport lines when you should be able to slip it over your suitcase handle.

The Kensington SecureTrek Backpack

The Kensington SecureTrek backpack had a nice collection of compartments and areas for organizing all the stuff that you need for a business trip. I especially liked the small, top zippered compartment for tickets and cell phones and chargers.

Also, the backpack has strong, padded shoulder straps that tuck up tight against the back of the backpack.

Simple put, the Kensington SecureTrek backpack with a built-in anti-theft system is a excellent choice for business travelers who need a level of extra security or peace of mind. The SecureTrek backpack is well-built, solid, and is professional enough to bring to any business meeting.



  •     SecureTrek Lock Base
  •     Many compartments
  •     Lock Loop fits TSA-compliant locks
  •     Padded computer area
  •     Wheeled luggage pass through straps for securing backpack to suitcase


  •     slimmer than I usually want, but perfect for travelers who want to travel light
  •     configuration of the pockets didn’t work well for me, but can easily work well for other travelers. The backpack does have a nice collection of compartments and areas.


  •     Well made
  •     Nicely padded
  •     Comfortable shoulder straps
  •     Compartment on top for tickets, cell phone, etc.
  •     Built-in locking system
  •     Solid zippers
  •     Padded carrying handle

Recommendations for Business Travelers
I rarely travel without a backpack, and I’m always looking for new backpacks to get the best combination of pockets, space, and ease-of-use. The Kensington SecureTrek backpack, with its built-in anti-theft system, is a great choice for business travelers that want the option to secure their backpacks while traveling. The backpack is light but well-built, and has plenty of pockets and compartments for stowing documents and gear.

The Kensington SecureTrek Backpack