Standard’s Carry-On Travel Backpacks For Traveling Anywhere


The Carry-on Backpack ,The Toronto standard is a new generation of travel bags designed specifically for those who wish to be able to pack multi-day technology tours.

It is designed to retain a bag of flexibility provided in a rolling case, putting all seats on an airplane or a train; and reaching direct access to a professional setting is not noticeable. Like most of the competitors, started life as a popular Kickstarter project, now in the second iteration, boasted of features added to customer feedback back. It costs $ 179.00.

The size of the bag (21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches). The mirror is the largest legal portable air carrier, however, a more generous policy allows the zipper to add 10 liter capacity to the expansion (35-45l). Despite its proportion to the mirror’s trunk, it’s also designed as a backpack or shoulder bag.

Features Two padded and sturdy backpack shoulder straps, I found comfort even when fully loaded. However, the lack of filling / ventilation nets and the fact that Aquarius sells, despite its name, the backpack-mode is not the native state of the bag. When I find it very suitable for carrying, I would not expect it to stay comfortable for long periods of time, especially in warm weather.


The backpack straps can be unclipped where they join the bag at the bottom and they and the clips can be stashed to keep the look of the bag uncluttered. The main section is roomy and features clam-shell opening, hinged on the bottom edge.

On the inside of the front panel you’ll find three pockets, the most distinctive being u-shaped and designed to hold clothing that’s best kept separate, like button-up shirts. There is also a hidden pocket stashed below the hinge just big enough for a passport and bill clip.

The rear section is designed to carry a laptop of up to 15”. As well as having two mesh pockets and a panel for storing pens and small items, the section holds a thick memory foam laptop sleeve (with integrated tablet pocket). While detachable, the sleeve can, thanks to an innovative strap system, stay attached to the bag while sliding out for easy access at airport security.

To me, this slide-out feature—added to the second version of the bag on the basis of customer feedback—has the feel of a hasty fix rather than a fully-fledged feature. Even if it saves me a few seconds at the scanners, I don’t want to use this laptop sleeve over my existing one, and would prefer a simple padded pouch that suspends my computer away from bottom of the bag.


It is important that the building in the bag feels strong and it is clear that the material has been used in quality. External fabric 1680 fineness high strength ballistic nylon, apparently think oneself is durable and waterproof, including brand zipper and clip.

The internal structure is standard, but I do not like the navy blue and gray color scheme, which (like the white, needle-stitched label backpack shoulder strap) sit together with a strange black look and interchangeable blue-green or orange leather accessories (Zipper, handled, baggage tag, tag).

In general, the standard carry-on backpack is built and designed. It is easy to pack and feature a flexible suitcase, shoulder bag or backpack. Style wise with bright, sleek and simple contemporary accents, and building materials that inspire confidence in its life. If you are looking for a new travel bag there are a lot of suggestions on this.