Samsonite & Samsung Working On Bags

Luggage giant Samsonite

Luggage giant Samsonite

Luggage giant Samsonite has teamed up with Samsung to develop a smart bag that can make traveling easier according to the Daily Mail. The two are looking to add location features along with the ability for luggage to check itself in at the airport.

The smart luggage will have chips inside that serve multiple functions, one will sense when the bag is entering the airport and automatically check in for the flight. It will do this by identifying you to the airport and receiving the airline, flight number, and the gate of departure. Unique identifiers will be generated and sent to your phone. The owner avoids baggage check-in lines and simply puts the bag onto a generic conveyor belt where the embedded information directs it on its way.

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Also in the works, but thanks to size constraints it may take a while, is the self-propelled bag. Using a small motor in the bag, luggage will follow along inches behind the owner like a new puppy while walking outside and through the airport. Hopefully it won’t wander off like that puppy.

Luggage giant Samsonite

The new luggage will have proximity sensors to prevent owners from walking off and leaving it behind. Others will notify the owner if the bag has been opened. Perhaps the most useful feature will be the ability to notify you via your phone when the bag has been unloaded from the aircraft and when it’s about to hit the baggage carousel.

The self-propelled bag described may not make it to market but there are other bags on the market that do more than carry stuff. We recently covered the Ampl backpack that is designed with a complete smart gadget charging system inside to keep five devices charged for a short business trip.