The jansport superbreak backpack review

JanSport SuperBreak

The most popular of JanSport SuperBreak backpack is the low price and ample freight capacity. It is light enough for kindergarten or primary school students to carry, but enough to accommodate all the needs of junior or senior high school students. SuperBreak has a reputation for excellent durability and a range of stylish colors and patterns. The only complaint is that there are not many pockets of the organization.


Holds more than you might think. The 1,550-cubic-inch JanSport SuperBreak is sized for the elementary and middle school crowd, reviewers say. It has one large compartment and a smaller utility pocket that can hold two to three textbooks, a large binder, spiral notebooks, paperback books, a laptop, miscellaneous school supplies and still leave room for a bag lunch. Some young reviewers say they wish the SuperBreak had more pockets or built-in organizers to help students keep their belongings straight, and, while it’s large enough for a laptop, it does not have a dedicated laptop compartment or sleeve


Comfortable and stylish. The JanSport SuperBreak is available in more than 50 colors and patterns, and we found more than a few owners on review sites who seem intent upon collecting a set of them. Many users comment on how light the SuperBreak is (it weighs just 12 ounces), and we found several reviews from students who say it’s very comfortable to wear, and they like the thin material, which doesn’t make their back sweat. Several reviewers note that it makes a good day-hiking pack as well.


Living up to a strong reputation. JanSport is known for its highly durable backpacks, and JanSport SuperBreak is no exception. Some critics say it lasts for many years, and many parents think their children continue to use it after they finish school. Packs are machine washable, especially useful with lighter colors, and critics say dust is easy. However, it is not waterproof.