Best Cool Backpacks for 2017

Cool Backpacks

Cool backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will find some terrible graphics, some filled with Kevlar and other materials, while others are focused on providing the highest possible quality. If you are ready to make life easier and cooler, then you are ready for the coolest backpack found today to suit your needs.

The Advantages of Owning a Cool Backpack 

Anyone can go to a local discount store and buy a $ 5 backpack. They can have the right level of care for school work, or travel for months. The cool backpack brings the experience to the stratosphere to give you a unique and sophisticated look, incredible quality and all the storage you need during the day.

2017 Cool backpack has a wide range of features, these features make it stand out. Some subtle leather accents help to strengthen the structure of the package. Others have many built-in functions as perfect as a cafe in a corner street in the wild. They are orderly, safe and durable, and even many people will put your laptop or tablet.

SealLine Urban Backpack

Cool Backpack

This synthetic urban backpack  provides a rigid rear panel and a unique utilization system that makes for a comfortable experience. We really like the extra-large pockets because it gives you a crazy quick access to the storage. The closures can take some practice to adapt to it, but once you do, you will want to know why you solved everything. People are aware of the future design of the backpack when you walk down the street and you will like its durability.


Kenox Vintage

Cool Backpack If you’ve ever wanted a vintage canvas backpack but didn’t want to pay the MSRP for it, then today is your lucky day. Out of all the cool backpacks for 2016, this one has some of the best functionality. Its overall storage space is pretty standard and the shoulder straps have just enough padding to take some pressure off of your neck. 4 different compartments that have magnetic clasps will keep your items safe. Add in the leather accents and the quick-access zipper compartments and this becomes an affordable investment opportunity.


Hynes Eagle Retro

Cool Backpack

While this backpack is a little smaller than an average backpack, we find that you can still pack the same amount of stuff into a flexible compartment. The design itself is the most basic: you receive an early closure pocket, buckle with a flap, and a zipper pocket behind it. We see this is a daily pack run errand or when you have a light-colored day in front of its construction due to its durable canvas and add leather accents. You will manage your life more effectively with this cool package on your back.


Herschel Supply Company

Cool Backpack

If canvas or synthetics aren’t your thing, then we highly recommend this 100% cotton cool backpack for 2016. It has a slim profile and offers nylon shoulder straps that will keep the pack tight to your back. This pack almost has a satchel feeling to it and we think you’ll be just as surprised as we were at the amount of space you’ll receive. A few subtle leather accents add an additional level of visual appeal if the colorization of the pack wasn’t enough. It’s a bit of an investment, but one we feel is worth making.


Brooks Day Pack

Cool Backpack

This is the versatile cool backpack for 2016 when you want to take a day trip somewhere. Pack it full of supplies for a picnic, take it out on a trail you’ve always wanted to hike, or bring your swimwear for a day out at the lake. With 12L of volume, this handmade Italian important is made from cotton that is water-resistant and the leather trim is what you’d demand from a pack of this quality. With the right packing, you can even use this for your electronics if you wish. The size is perfect, the quality is outstanding, and you’re going to love it.