Best Black Circle Leather Fanny Pack for women

Black Circle Leather Fanny Pack

This soft black round leather purse is saturated deep black, feels soft. This belt bag is perfect for the hip belt and unlined so you can enjoy the rich leather inside and out. Zipper closure and internal pockets provide a convenient and safe blowout preventer in the city or during your trip. Do not want to wear this waist-hip belt purse? Simply adjust the detachable belt with the length you want (32.5 “-44.5”) and use a water line or a backpack. You can even completely eliminate the belt, wear the clutch or strap as a separate belt!

black-round-circle-leather-fanny-pack-bum-bag-waist-pouch-beltbag black-round-circle-leather-fanny-pack-bum-bag-waist-pouch-beltbag-strap DayaneOhira_MollyShaheen DayaneOhira_MollyShaheen