Accessories For 21st Century Living – Knomo

Accessories For 21st Century Living - Knomo

Accessories For 21st Century Living - Knomo

“Everyone used to work 9 to 5, now they’re leading this life which is, slightly romanticised, but where you can work wherever you want,” says Harrison.

“Suddenly you need to create products that work 24/7 and fit in with people’s lives. So a Knomo work bag for the office, that you’d also be comfortable in a cafe or on the beach with.”

There are two products that Harrison says perfectly sum up Knomo’s laser focus on fashion, industrial design and pioneering functionality today.

The Knomad Organiser (starting at £45) was praised by critics as “The Filofax for the iGeneration” and today Harrison calls it a “lighthouse product” for the company.

The Knomad has space for a 10in tablet as well as a battery pack.

“This one single product helped reinforce for us exactly what our brand stood for, for years we made functional products but you could never see the inside of them,” he says.

A sleek, professional portable organiser, the Knomad has space for a 10in tablet, an integrated battery power pack, Knomo’s signature pockets and pouches, and a fold-out design which quickly opens it up for easy access in the office.

The Elektronista Digital Clutch, the second product that defines Knomo today, takes lots of design cues from the Knomad, but comes in the form of a leather day to night purse.

With the same integrated battery power pack and hidden pouches, the Elektronista also has a unique twin side zip design letting it open up in a similar fashion to the Knomad.

Accessories For 21st Century Living - Knomo

“You can carry it as a clutch or across the chest, but when you open it up at your desk you have everything you need. That really delivers on our promise of life organised,” says Harrison.

It’s a promise that Harrison and Knomo, which celebrated its tenth birthday in August this year, are laser-focused on keeping.

As I left the Great Portland Street office, which comes complete with pop-up Knomo retail store that Harrison says has become permanent due to customer demand, I asked him what’s next for his team of designers and which existing accessory might next befall his mantra of “life organised”.

“We are developing some straps around the Apple Watch, but I’m not really sure how much we can innovate in that space,” he says. “We’re just playing with the idea for now.”

Accessories For 21st Century Living - Knomo

Frankly speaking, I glanced worriedly at the leather Apple Watch strap on my wrist, fearful its days might soon be numbered.