Best bags for gadgets from the best camera bag to a computer bag

tech bag

The tech bag appears very standard, and very ugly, black briefcase part of the laptop.

With our current lifestyle requires us to be ubiquitous, there are five obvious bags, there are many, from a simple way to keep the best camera backpack you may find.


Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

tech bag

First of all to consider the camera bag, the design of the big backpack function space peak maximum camera, the largest glasses, and everything with them. Daily backpack 30 l can be divided into a lot of camera devices, as well as compression openings on both sides, pocket from memory card to charger, laptop, tablet and phone. The extra cable provides a safe three-legged or even unmanned backpack, while others can lock its zip pickpocket. The bag even has a straight pocket to facilitate travel, bottles and ropes side pockets, waterproof paint.

Oakley Lunchbox Backpack

tech bag

This 30-litre backpack is part tech bag and part lunch box, offering the unusual combination of a padded section that is able to fit up to a 17-inch laptop and a cooler section, with a hard cover to protect your sandwiches, at the front. While its design will be ideal for some people who take their tech on adventures, it probably suits a niche group.

Hedgren Framework

tech bag

The Hedgren bags are not just designed to carry your tech gear but also charge your gear as you carry it. The bag has a dedicated pocket for a battery pack and a series of slots and cable holders that let you connect the charger to the gadgets in the other parts of the bag. It fits a 15-inch laptop and a tablet and has the added protection of a RFID shield on the large padded pocket to keep digital snoops out.

Arc’teryx Blade 28

tech bag

This tech backpack has extra appeal for those commuting by bike or just after a compact overnight bag. The bag offers two sections which fold flat when unzipped, letting you keep clothes on one side and a 15-inch computer, tablet and work tools on the other. A handy collection of pockets means it’s easy to find essentials like your smartphone and passport quickly.

Everki ContemPRO Roll Top Laptop Backpack

tech bag

This modern-looking backpack opens up at the top, making it easier to fit in large objects quickly. It has a padded section able to fit a 15.6-inch laptop and tablet in separate pockets and, unlike some tech backpacks, still has the essentials such as a side pocket for a water bottle. A pass-through strap on the back lets you attach it to the extended handle of wheeled luggage.

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