Best Backpacks with Built-In Battery Charging

When charging a cell phone, tablet, or laptop – whether you are traveling or going to the nearest coffee shop to do some work – there are portable power supplies and portable power. Of course, you can bring a standard portable electric bank, but then again, can be a little trouble. Or, if you are looking for more convenient and more powerful stuff, you can watch the power and / or the charging function that is built on a smart backpack.

In the past few years I was a constant travel like a constant I needed to go away: in a taxi or space shuttle at a meeting at the airport, at the hotel. Finding enough juice to travel can be a real fight. If you are like me, travel may need to watch movies, play some games, read, check flight procedures, call, typing, job performance and lots of photos or videos. In other words: portable electric is vital.

Recently I have always felt the best portable power option is a bag of a built-in battery. I have covered the best smart luggage and I recently made an in-depth review of the new Bluesmart black version of the smart suitcase and today’s list, the beliefs are stronger than ever before. A bag can accommodate the device charge is also the most convenient choice.

HP Powerup

smart backpack

So the brand new HP Powerup backpack is pretty great all around. It’s got a large battery (22,400 mAh) that can charge your phone up to 10 times, your tablet up to 3 times or your laptop fully (it’s unclear to me at this point whether it can be used to charge non-HP laptops). But this bag has some extra smarts beyond just integrated battery and cable management: it can proactively sense the temperature within the backpack and adjust accordingly. That, combined with the side vent, will prevent overheating issues. It’s great that the Powerup comes with 2 micro-USB cables …

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